My Favorite Dish


My favorite Mexican meal would be a chimichanga.  For starters, I can never think of a time where I have ordered a chimichanga and not enjoyed every last bite of it. The aroma that comes from the plate when it’s placed in front of you is something that will only come from a plate with a warm, golden brown, deep fried chimichanga covered in cheese sauce. One of the best parts of this dish is that you get served all of the “fixins” to go along with it. Creamy guacamole. Crunchy lettuce. Decadent sour cream.  Smooth beans. Fresh pico de gallo. Flavorful rice. When you cut into the chimichanga, a mess of chicken and tiny diced peppers will flood through the gates of its crunchy flour gates. When you take your fork and scoop up the chicken and peppers, you also need to get a little bit of all of the “fixins” on that same bite and then put that lovely bite in your mouth. This first bite of the chimichanga is by far the best bite of food you will ever take, because there is an explosion of flavors and textures that come along with it. After you take that bite you will agree with me that chimichangas are the best.


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Dish

  1. There used to be places in Arizona that only sold chimichangas, they were awesome. Then it was like subway and you could pick what you wanted on top.

    Add some more details here about the way the tortilla is prepared in this dish. What kind of tortilla, wheat, flour, or corn? You could also focus on the description, how it’s maybe golden fried on the outside, but what color on the inside?

    I haven’t had a chimichanga in a long time, but now I’m thinking about them.


  2. The texture of a chimichanga is pretty unique compared to a lot of other foods, the crispy outside contrasts a ton with all of the ingredients which adds a lot to the experience so I would mention that. Also there’s a small typo in the beginning of your post, you wrote “com” instead of come.


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