My Own Personal Sprinkle Cake

I’m usually not a sweets person, because a lot of desserts are either way too rich for me or way too sweet. This is why I tend to stay away from most bakeries and cupcake shops, but for whatever reason whenever I see a Mexican bakery I have to stop and get at least one baked good. The first Mexican dessert I tried was basically a puff pasty with sugar sprinkled on top; not to sweet and not too plain, IT WAS PERFECT. I think that is what started my love for Mexican bakeries.

There’s a Mexican bakery in Lexington across from the restaurant Taqueria Ramirez, and every time I go to that restaurant I always stop in at the bakery. Most of the time they have pretty much the same items (as most bakeries do) cookies, muffins, pretty colored pastries. But last weekend when I went in they had these “little mini sprinkle cakes” that was made out of white cake and  were topped with whipped cream and a cherry. They also had “little mini chocolate cakes” that were also topped with whipped cream and a cherry on top.


Considering this was the first time I had seen these little pieces of heaven, and it was my first time coming in on an earlier Saturday afternoon, I’m wondering if they are just a weekend treat. They pretty much seemed like a cupcake, but a million times better! The only thing I’m still stumped on is how they managed to make the sprinkles stay on the sides of the cake without any icing.

2 thoughts on “My Own Personal Sprinkle Cake

  1. Cool, I like that spot too. I have a couple challenges for you with upcoming posts. First, to practice sprinkling in the Spanish words for bakery, but also using names to restaurants, and, if possible, links.

    The pastries all have specific names, this will require some research!


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