One pound of chicken feet, please!

When walking into a grocery store to get some meat behind the meat counter, I’m used to seeing ground beef, steak, burgers, even some marinated chicken that all you have to do is throw it on the grill. When I walked into a Mexican grocery store and went to the meat counter, I still saw some familiar items, but what I wasn’t expecting to see was an entire section of the display dedicated to chicken feet.


As odd as it seemed to me, I don’t think I necessarily have a right to judge chicken feet since I have never tried them. I did a brief search on chicken feet on the internet and I was expecting to find recipes for soup where the feet are only used to flavor the broth, but what I was found was that chicken feet can be prepared as a main dish. You can basically eat them like they were regular pieces of chicken (with an added bonus of claws, of course!). So, who’s ready for their pound of chicken feet?


One thought on “One pound of chicken feet, please!

  1. Also in Asian markets too. But it’s true, I guess it depends on the market. But I bet you can find them at Kroger as well.

    What other things did you notice in the butcher area? How was your Spanish when navigating the space?

    Also, think of yourself as the camera. How would you describe some of the products you saw walking down the aisles? What about the music playing?


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