I Can’t Believe I’m Famous! Well, Kinda Famous.

You see a lot of things going viral in the news about celebrity marriages, things politicians have said that were misinterpreted, but what most of you probably didn’t expect to see was article after article about the coolest class to ever be taught: Taco Literacy. I knew that my professor getting an opportunity to be interviewed by Vice was a pretty big deal, but I didn’t expect the interview to get as much attention as it received.

If you type in the words “University of Kentucky tacos” on any search engine you will find numerous articles about our class, Taco Literacy. A majority of the articles think that the class sounds awesome, but there are some articles out there, haters if you will, who think that our class is a total waste of our money, and the all we do in the class is eat tacos. I mean, yes, we do get to eat some pretty awesome food occasionally, but we also learn a lot about the history on where foods came from and we get to learn how to do “food writing”. People may think that writing about food is a breeze, but once you actually try to do it you will find that it is very hard to try and describe things using all of your senses.

One thought on “I Can’t Believe I’m Famous! Well, Kinda Famous.

  1. I agree, there is some literacy happening. I’m glad you’re encouraging with how you approach the course, and also with learning about Mexican gente. It’s been cool watching students take on food, and all the great writing folks are doing. Check out your classmates’ work, it’s really cool, you all are doing such great writing and research.

    *Also, all five blogs and IG this round, great job!


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