Terrible Taco Tuesday

This week my boyfriend and I decided to try out the whole “Taco Tuesday” fad, and went to a restaurant called La Marquesa. We found this restaurant by doing a Google search on “Great Mexican food in Lexington, KY”. The reviews on Yelp helped us make our decision on where we wanted to go, along with the pictures of the delicious food. The outside of the building wasn’t what you would call fancy; it had the typical feel of a strip mall restaurant appearance.


The inside, however, had a very fun and inviting appearance with all of the decorations and colors that exploded from when you open the door. You’re even greeted with a couple of amigos.


Now I have to start getting to the terrible part: the food. When you’re seated, you get a menu that had four pages FULL of entrees you can order. I was flabbergasted at the amount of items that were on the menu; there really was something for everyone. I ordered a chicken chimichanga, and I couldn’t pass up on ordering an al pastor taco.

As we waited for our food, I got a chance to actually take a look at the restaurant. For starters, I would recommend anyone who comes to the restaurant in the winter to bring a jacket, because it was freezing! After I got over the cold, I noticed that there were a ton of colorful lizards hanging on the wall, and quite a few suns. In the midst of my gazing I saw our waiter (who was very kind) bringing over our food, thank goodness! Or so I thought…

The first thing I did when I got my food was squeeze lime all over my taco, and then I took a huge bite. I hate to say this, but the only thing I thought was good was the onion and cilantro that topped the taco. The meat was extremely too sweet to the point where you didn’t know your were eating pork, or any meat for that matter. Also, the pieces of meat were rather large, and it made the taco a bit too messy to eat. I guess I had to find out the hard way that not every al pastor taco is the same.

As for the chimichanga, it was fabulous! The white flour tortilla had the perfect amount of crisp to it, and it had the right amount of cheese sauce on top. The chicken on the inside had the perfect texture, and there was the perfect amount of onions and chilies to enhance the flavor of the chicken.

My last piece of advice is if you decide to come to this restaurant on Taco Tuesday, bring a jacket and don’t order the al pastor taco.


One thought on “Terrible Taco Tuesday

  1. I remember this place now. First, I would have to say the karaoke place nearby looked like a cool thing. I never tried though.

    I do remember the murals in the restaurant were pretty cool, or there were some cool paintings on some walls. I definitely remember the charro outfits by the door.

    I’m interested more in the “sweet” tacos. What do you mean? Describe more. Maybe too much pineapple? Or maybe something else?


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