Tacos Take Time

Taco Literacy is a great class on any day, but when the owner of Taqueria Ramirez, Ms. Patty, brings in four boxes filled with al pastor and asada tacos, you know it’s going to be a FANTASTIC class.The one thing that people need to understand about our class is that yes we do get food every once in a while, but aren’t allowed to eat the food without first learning the roots of where that food came from, and how it is prepared.


Ms. Patty was sweet enough to take time out of her day to not only bring us tacos, but she also talked to our class about her history and the history of her restaurant. She said that when she first came here she lived in Paris, Kentucky, and that there were not any Latino people living anywhere close to her. She and her husband decided to get into the restaurant business and they opened three “tex-mex” style Mexican restaurants. The restaurants were quite successful, but because of personal reasons they had to close two of them.

Although that sounds like a hard thing to have to do, Ms. Patty and her husband soon changed their remaining restaurant (in Lexington, Kentucky) into more of an “authentic” Mexican restaurant, and thank goodness they did! They make every single item on their (lengthy) menu right in the restaurant. Once you take a bite into their homemade corn tortillas, you instantly can taste all of the love that goes into making them. Ms. Patty’s story is truly an inspiring one.

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