Goat Got Your Tongue?

This weekend my class and I went on a journey to find a restaurant that served birria in Lexington. Luckily, my professor knew exactly where one was. When ordering the birria, you had the option of getting (boring) beef, but they also had a type of meat that a lot of people have not had the chance to try: goat. You also had the option to get the “soupy” version of birria where you would get the meat and broth in a bowl, or you could get the meat from the birria on a plate served with rice and beans.


I decided to go with the “soupy” version of the goat birria. My bowl of birria had more bone than meat in it, but the meat was fantastic. I was expecting the broth of the birria to have a kick to it, but it really was not spicy at all. I think I was expecting more of a posole broth that leaves your lips a little “tingly”. One thing that is nice about the restaurant is that they give you a pack of freshly made (DELICIOUS) corn tortillas that you can scoop your goat onto. Another cool thing about the restaurant is that they have a toppings bar where you grab some little bowls and fill them with however many limes, onion, and cilantro that your heart could desire. They also had some other toppings that I had never seen before.

Overall, my experience with the restaurant was quite lovely. The staff was very kind and had our entire class’ food out in a very timely manner. The only thing I was not really a fan of was the birria.  The goat was really good, but the broth disappointed me a bit; it just needed a spicy component for me.

One thought on “Goat Got Your Tongue?

  1. Good call, amiga. I suggest if you go back to try the birria burrito. It looks awesome and I think can compete with Ramirez. They have two kinds of birria too, beef or goat. Since folks hadn’t tried goat, I thought let’s be crazy. I think I felt the same about the broth though. I might try again, but ask them for a plate without it.


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