Made In Mexico, Or Was It?

When you go to a chain Mexican restaurant such as El Rio Grande or Cinco De Mayo, you really do think that you are eating something that people from Mexico eat, but that is not quite the truth. Some of the things on the menu are things that you can actually get in Mexico, such as tamales, whereas there are other things that might not even be heard of in Mexico.

One of these “unheard of” food items is the burrito. If you are anything like me, then you are very shocked right now. Those Jose Ole steak and cheese burritos in your freezer are not a product of Mexico. Burritos are almost like puzzles, where each ingredient is a culture and they some how all work really well together. According to Pilcher in Planet Taco, “the combination of beans and rice is more characteristic of the Caribbean than of northern Mexico”(page 46), he also states that “When deep-fried (a burrito), a technique more often found in U.S. fast food than in Mexican cooking…”(page 46). As you can see, a lot of the food we eat is inspired from a mixture of cultures; one culture is inspired from another’s cooking, and decides to put their own twist on it.

One thought on “Made In Mexico, Or Was It?

  1. Yeah, it’s true, but even Mexican American or Tex Mex food has found its way to Mexico, so you can see the influences cross borders, following people moving in both directions.

    The burrito we can think is an American food, just like pizza or apple pie.


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