The Best Kind Of Popsicle: Paletas

I have never really been that big of a fan of Popsicles, so when my professor said that we were going to make a trip on our field trip to get them I was not very thrilled. However, the “popsicles” that we actually ate should not be called popsicles because they are a million times better than what most people know popsicles as being. These delicious beings are called paletas.


The biggest difference between the popsicles that we are used to and paletas is that fact that they are made fresh. If you order a strawberry paleta, expect to bite into actual chunks of fresh strawberry. Whereas if you were to buy a strawberry popsicle from Kroger, the strawberry flavor you taste probably isn’t even coming from real strawberry. Another cool thing about paletas is that you can also get ones that aren’t fruity. For example, I ordered the butter pecan paleta, and it was creamy and smooth like ice cream. I am still not able to say that I like popsicles, but I can say that I LOVE paletas.

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