Are Sombreros Racist?

One of America’s favorite places to go out to eat on your birthday is a Mexican restaurant, because the waiters and waitresses come out and sing to you, they bring you some fried ice cream or an elephant ear, and they place a sombrero on your head. I have never put much thought into what wearing the sombrero means until after my class and I read an article stating that this “crowning” of the sombrero could be considered racist. The reasoning behind why the author thought that it was racist was the actual history of the sombrero. Sombreros were originally created to block the sun and heat from workers’ heads, so they aren’t necessarily what you would consider a party hat. However, I think it is crazy for someone to think that people who get the sombrero placed on their head for their birthday are being racist. When the person gets the sombrero placed on their head, it is almost like an honor, because you are the only one with it on, and that means that people know it is your special day. In this way, wearing a sombrero is not racist. A way that is racist in wearing a sombrero, is if you plan on dressing up as a “Mexican” and you think that wearing a sombrero would be the perfect accessory.

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