One Step Inside, and You Can See The World

The only place that you can step inside and seriously feel like you have been around the world in less than an hour (depending on how long your stay is) is a lovely store called Jungle Jim’s. It is considered a grocery store, but I can guarantee you that this store is unlike any other grocery store you have been into. This 200,000 square foot store is jam packed full of food from any, and I mean any, continent. When you look up at the ceiling you will see that the owners of Jungle Jim’s have conveniently labeled each section of the store, not only by what is typically labeled like bread or dairy, but the labels have different countries names on them. For example they have an entire section of the store dedicated to Italy, and you can find pretty much any type of pasta you could ever want to find as well as any type of olive oil, and any type of olive.

They also have a large section that is dedicated to Mexican food. Throughout the 5(ish) isles you can find a variety of Mexican spices, frozen dinner entrees, and cans of various dinner items. One of these canned dinner items was canned tamales; I have been told numerous times from my professor not to try them.



At the end of every isle in the Mexican food section of Jungle Jim’s was a large pinata hanging in your face. They also had some interesting (and possibly racist) salt shakers of Mexican men in sombreros.


Jungle Jim’s seriously has something for everybody, so if you have never been there I would highly suggest you take a trip there, and make sure to pick up a stick of ostrich beef jerky!



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