The Best Taco in Town: Ramirez

Over this semester in Taco Literacy I have been introduced to a lot of different food and restaurants in Lexington, KY that I have never tried before (i.e. goat and paletas). One thing that I have tried to do at every restaurant was try the restaurant’s al pastor tacos. After trying three different restaurant’s al pastor tacos, I have come to the conclusion that there is no better place to get an al pastor taco in Lexington, KY than at Taquiera y Tortilleria Ramirez.

Not only is this the best restaurant in Lexington, KY to get al pastor tacos, but I honestly think that this is the best Mexican restaurant in town. Although the appearance of the restaurant may be a little off putting, the atmosphere on the inside will warm your heart. The owner of the restaurant, Sr. Patty, is one of the sweetest and most hard-working people you will ever meet. The passion she has for her restaurant is inspiring, and she really cares about her customers.

If you are ever in Lexington, KY, please make your way to Taqueria y Tortilleria Ramirez. Your minds will be blown away by how incredible the food is, and how great the service is.

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